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Keep Alive Missionary Ministries

Who We Are

We are a charity organization that empowers women, youths and children with knowledge and skills to overcome all forms of poverty

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We are continually seeking partnerships

It can be with other NGOs or professionals from the private sector. We seek any who have the knowledge and the talents to help develop Eastern Uganda.


Reach out to our email to discuss donation opportunities.

Our Mission.

We seek to create sustainable development projects that will empower Ugandans out of poverty.



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We seek to provide educational experiences that help Ugandans become self reliant and prosperous.


Donations go towards empowering Ugandans to improve their local economies.

Corruption Free

The biggest obstacle to a strong economy is curruption. We seek to establish ethical business practices in our communities.

Happy Volunteers

Here are some partners we worked with in the past.


“When life starts without education, people do not gain the skills to seek employment and start businesses. Innocent people who just want to survive suffer of disease and unemployment. KAMM is addressing all of these issues and working on sustainable ways to turn around their communities to become empowered healthy individuals. However, I have observed that KAMM faces their own challenges. They are making positive change and can only do more with a bigger and better team. I highly recommend working with them. ”

Jessica Morgan, Volunteer
Help Intl

“HELP International (an American NGO) has worked with KAMM for multiple years in Uganda. Our volunteers have worked on income generating projects, teaching, and health projects with KAMM. KAMM is a wonderful organization that is doing so much good in their community. They are dedicated to development and doing good. We love working with KAMM and their staff! Our volunteers have learned so much from KAMM and the people in the KAMM community. Thanks for everything KAMM!”

Ali Deovlet, Help Intl.

“I met Charles Oluka, founder and Director of Keep Alive Missionary Ministries. He is very dedicated to the organzations mission, putting his own wellfare on the line to help the local community improve their lives. They teach people how to start a business, how to great sustainable agricultural ventures, and support Ugandan youth by sponsoring students to go to University. I can't say enough about the good work KAMM has done for the local community. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting a local Ugandan NGO to partner with!”

Caden Damiano, Volunteer

Current Partnerships

KAMM believes that engaging with like minded Ugandan organizations will help in the mobilization of communities.

The Organisations include...

Bye Bye Poverty Savings Association (BEPSA)

Is located in Tororo Municipality in Eastern Uganda. They work with KAMM in empowering communities with knowledge and skills in business and savings and loan projects.

The living Church of Christ (TLCC)

Is located in Kumi district in Kanyumu subcounty - they work with KAMM Uganda in promoting good morals, accountability and counseling to vulnerable communities, women, children and youths. They also promote missions and preach the gospel of peace, hope and love.

Transformation Community Church (TCC)

Located in Mbale City. They work with KAMM in supporting and counseling women affected with domestic violence, teaching families women and children rights and promoting vocational skills among women and girls in Mbale district. They also promote Christian evangelism and mission .

Christian Reformed Ministries (CRM)

They work with KAMM Uganda in promoting education of children, adult learning, health related activities, agriculture and mission Jinja region.

Atutur/Kanyumu Development Groups

A coalition of seven local development village groups founded and natured by KAMM Uganda. They work with KAMM Uganda in mobilizing households engage in small but sustainable development projects that help individual families meet local needs.

Projects You Can Support

Funds would be used in a variety of projects as directed by the donor

Sponser a child's education

Sponsorship of pre-identified/ selected needy children for support in Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education.

Improve food security

Projects where we help people produce their own food by agriculture, agroforestry, and bee keeping.

Provide Vocational Equipment

Support needy Children, girls, boys, and women access vocational skills training and supplies for the same such as Tailoring machines, carpentry & hairdressing tools, bakery and bee equipment, among others.

Teach Empowement Courses

Support and Facilitate empowerment classes on health, business, environment conservation, Basic Self defense, games, and sports, etc and supplies for the same.

HIV ands Aids Support

Support for needy children and families living with HIV/Aids/ TB, HB, and other dangerous chronic sicknesses.


Support for the conservation of natural resources and activities that promote safe energy consumption eg. Modern Stoves that consume less fuel and planting trees.

Volunteer Opportunities

Come to Uganda and work with us.   We have projects going year round, just pick a time of year and project that interests you.

Health & education volunteer opportunities

Mid-March to Mid-June

  • Teach local groups in Eastern Uganda basic health care, primary health care practices and helping government and private health centers in medical issues
  • Teach school children in primary snd secondary basic English, math, health science, and counseling young girls, boys and parents undergoing all forms of abuses
  • Conduct health camps focusing on Eye prevention and treatment, cervical cancer, malaria, diarrhea infections, TB, sicken infections, family planning, among others

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Business education and capacity building development opportunities

June to September

  • Teach local groups on savings and credits schemes, training in running and managing small scale projects/business
  • Train kamm staff and volunteers in project management
  • Teach farmers in managing farm animals such pigs, goats, poultry, rabbits, cows, and crops such as food crops such as maize, beams, gnuts, soy beans etc
  • Teaching ways of enhancing support activities on modern farming

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Vocational empowerment and skills education program

September to Mid-December

  • Teach and Train our needy youths, women and children in Eastern Uganda vocational skills such as tailoring, carpentry, computer skills, hair dressing, brick laying, bee keeping, making candles, soap, smearing oil, bakery, weaving, decorations, etc...
  • Train in basic games, sports, basic self defense and indoor games

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Environment Protection and conservation

April to May or July to November

Tree planting, public cleaning schedules, cleaning and digging water areas for safe water


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Outcome focused

Here are some results of our work over the years.


Needy members received eye treatment and glasses.


Women were screened on and received cancer treatment.


Village Groups trained pest control , and enterprise selections as well as health, business environment and basic defence skills


youths trained on vocational skills


Tree seedlings supplied and planted in Major government and religious institutions in Atutur.


Women and children with clothes and shoes.

Want to Help?

Because we are a volunteer staffed organization that works part time, we often do not have the sufficient funds or expert partnerships to effectively teach empowerment classes.

Contact US

We are excited to work with you!


If you are interested in volunteering, email us and let us know which projects you are interested in and we can coordinate your visit to Uganda!

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